About Us

Revival Confections, Inc. is a small company I started in 1998 selling California artisan gourmet candies. Revival Confections insures that our quality is maintained therefore producing our delicious gourmet candies in small batches.

I began sending my artisan gourmet jumbo double dipped chocolate covered raisins as gifts to others during the holiday season. Every year I received numerous calls inquiring where they could purchase my delicious candies. In 1998 I personally started Revival Confections, Inc. I chose the name since I loved chocolate and especially chocolate covered raisins as a child. I decided to produce them bigger and better therefore reviving a special childhood favorite candy. I wanted only the best ingredients I could find!

Revival Confections jumbo raisins are moist plump Thompson seedless raisins, nonpareil almonds, and fancy apricots are all grown in the heart of California. Our almonds are enveloped in a buttery, crunchy, toffee coating. Made in small batches, both my raisins and toffee almonds are then double dipped in a smooth, delicious European chocolate creating a nice thick outer layer.

Revival Confections hand dipped Dark Chocolate California Apricots are fully dipped in a delicious European dark chocolate then individually wrapped in gold foil.

Our newest product, California Spicy Peanut Brittle is handcrafted in very small batches. Our spicy peanut brittle has just the right balance of sweet and spicy!

What is very special about Revival Confections, Inc. is that I have a personal relationship with each and every one of my customers, therefore meeting all of their purchasing needs. I have a long- standing personal relationship with the person whom I purchase my raisins, almonds and apricots from therefore insuring the best quality. I personally am involved from the purchasing to the manufacturing process of my delicious candies to the packaging. My California candies are beautifully packaged complimenting their delicious quality.

From my personal oversight in the production of my California candies in small batches, utilizing the highest quality ingredients, to my personal relationships with my customers insures that my chocolate covered raisins, chocolate toffee almonds, hand-dipped dark chocolate California apricots and our spicy peanut brittle are unique from all others.